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Youth Rising Creative Mapping

Youth Rising Workshops

02 Mar-06 Mar 2023

Intersectional Climate Action Workshop for Young People ages 9-24 years living in Westminster.

  • Venue

    16 John Islip Street

  • Workshop date for 9-11 year olds

    Thursday 2nd March 2023

  • Workshop date for 12-24 year olds

    Monday 6th March 2023

  • Time

    3.30 – 6pm

  • Free, booking required!

Iniva is researching ways we can support young people in Westminster to engage in intersectional climate action and make the climate movement more accessible through knowledge and capacity building.

Youth Rising is creative mapping project in collaboration between iniva and Nowadays On Earth to help us develop an emerging interdisciplinary strategy led by young people for local communities.

This is a 2-hour intersectional climate action workshop for young people ages 9-24 year olds living in Westminster. Participants are invited to take part in our solutions circle and interactive climate action practice.

To help us further our research, sign up below by 24th February 2023.


2 March 2023: Workshop for 9-11 year olds facilitated by Daze Aghaji. Sign up here

6 March 2023: Workshop for 12-24 year olds facilitated by Dominique Palmer. Sign up here


If you have accessibility requirements or questions please email hello@nowadayson.earth or come to the Stuart Hall Library where we can provide you with assistance.




Nowadays On Earth is a social enterprise advocating for contact with nature in the digital age. We provide resources, educational content, programmes, and workshops to close the gap between humans and nature while building intersectional urban gardening spaces and growing environmental justice. Through our programmes we support individuals to build nature connectedness, community resilience, and solidarity; develop the knowledge and tools to envision a world where all species flourish and catalyse ecosystem-based solutions to the challenges of our generation. Currently, we’re working on green equity and tech policy through our digital gardens campaign that connects urbanites with their local green spaces through innovative design technology that upholds the rights of people and nature.


Dominique by Atmos

Dominique by Atmos

Dominique Palmer is a Climate Justice Activist, Storyteller, Writer and Speaker based in the U.K.  She became an environmentalist after discovering how air pollution was impacting her community. She is an organiser in Fridays for Future, a global youth movement for Climate Justice, and was involved in September 2019 climate strikes which brought 300,000 people on the streets in the U.K. She was named in Forbes 2020 Top U.K Environmentalists List.

Harnessing the creative power of the arts to communicate climate issues is a passion of hers. Palmer is a coordinator in Climate Live, a global youth-led concerts harnessing the power of music to engage, educate and empower. She has hosted a panel at Overheated with Billie Eilish at the O2,  recorded a song for earth day with Swedish grammi winning artist Titiyo, and presented the influential power of the arts for climate action at the Barbican. She is also member of Bad Activist Collective, a collective of change-makers, artists, storytellers and activists dismantling perfectionism & fighting for liberation for people & the planet.

She is also an Arctic Angel Ambassador for Global Choices. in UN the Women’s Feminist Action Coalition for Climate Justice with Fridays for Future MAPA , and a contributor in the co-development of the Global Youth Recommendations: Youth, Gender, and Climate Change. She pushes for equitable climate action, and pressures leaders to act. She is on the Climate Committee for Ecologi, a Treaty Champion for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, and a UNESCO Green Citizens Ambassador. Additionally, she is a Contributing Climate Justice editor with @feminist on Instagram and author for Shado Mag.

She has spoken at events such as COP26, NY Times Hub hosted by Emma Watson alongside Malala and Greta Thunberg, the UN Women CWS66 Youth Forum, at COP25 with the Indigenous Pavillion, and TEDxCountdown with Climate Reality. She has delivered speeches and keynotes on global and local stages, with global leaders and politicians, to young people, and global changemakers.

Palmer is also passionate about sustainable fashion, and veganism. Dominique has walked Kornit fashion week show with Anyango Mpinga, and has modelled for brands environmental campaigns.


Daze GirlUp Lenovo London Sept 2020 Colour 99 of 278 1

Daze Aghaji by GirlUp & Lenovo

Daze Aghaji is a London-based Youth Climate Justice Activist who focuses on Regenerative Cultures, Intersectionality, Radical Social Justice and Youth Political Engagement in her work. Described by The Guardian as “a ball of energy, conviction and warmth”, Daze’s advocacy for radical systemic change has led her to work with many leading charities, institutions, governments and grassroots change-makers globally. Known best for her high-profile political campaigning, she has sued her government, ran for election and lobbied institutions for meaningful change.

 In 2019, she became the youngest candidate to stand in a European Parliamentary election and ran under the banner of a Climate and Ecological Emergency Independent to bring awareness to the need for political will in addressing the climate crisis. In 2020, amidst the pandemic Daze lobbied the Royal College of Psychiatrists to recognise eco-anxiety, researched the topic and created tools to support young people. Alongside this ran the beginnings of a successful Judicial review against the UK’s Government forcing the  release of a Net-Zero Strategy ahead of COP26. She has strong ties with the climate movement Extinction Rebellion since its early days and she was a founding member of the movement’s youth branch. Daze has a background in communications, formerly Director and Creative Director of Earthrise Studio, a creative agency dedicated to communicating the climate crisis.

She is currently an Artist in Residence at Phytology, the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Artistic Environmental consultant at the Gate Theatre, Speaker as well as a Climate Justice Consultant working alongside global corporations and governments. Daze’s work is rooted in deep love, duty and care for all life; she continues to passionately organise with many grassroots campaigns and organisations for climate justice.