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Youth Rising Creative Mapping Research Survey


Youth Rising Creative Mapping

We are excited to announce that this month, iniva and Nowadays On Earth have partnered together to launch our Youth Rising Creative Mapping Research Survey.

This survey will help us to research ways we can support young people in Westminster to engage in intersectional climate action and make the climate movement more accessible through knowledge and capacity building.

Youth Rising will help us develop an emerging interdisciplinary strategy led by young people for local communities to tackle the crises of our generation. You can learn more about our creative mapping programme here.

As a leader in this space, we would love your support in sharing this opportunity with your community of young people (ages 8-24) to take part in this research phase.

All you need to do complete the survey below or share the link(s) to someone who might be interested.

Complete the survey

For 8-11 years olds

For 12-24 years olds

Deadline for filling out the form is 13th February 2023 at 9 am.

Thank you so much for your continuous support and the work you’re doing for our community.