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sorryyoufeeluncomfortable Barby Asante and Teresa Cisneros

Decolonising Education Workshop: sorryyoufeeluncomfortable Collective & Unite the Youth Barby Asante and Teresa Cisneros

20 Sep 2014
  • Venue

    Education Space (First Floor)

  • Time


  • Admission

    Free - Booking required

  • Artists

    Barby Asante

Decolonising Education:  This workshop will be the second in a growing series, bringing people together to explore imperialism still present in mainstream education, and how this affects different people. Facilitated by sorryyoufeeluncomfortable and Unite the Youth, with support from Iniva.

The workshop will collectively discuss and examine how education and learning about history can profoundly shape parts of our world view in our formative years; to map out knowledge that is censored in most of our formal education, with a focus on the post-colonial, and the white-eurocentric discourses of philosophy, history and humanities; to re-imagine ways of learning and what we learn.

sorryyoufeeluncomfortable is a collective formed during the recent Baldwin’s Nigger Reloaded project created in collaboration with artist Barby Asante and Education Curator Teresa Cisneros and hosted at Iniva. The purpose at the heart of this initial project was to bring together a group of artists, thinkers, and makers interested in exploring questions related to both personal and societal experiences.

Unite the Youth is a youth-led movement for the marginalised, misrepresented and disenfranchised youth, against inequality and systems of oppression. Unite the Youth does this through participatory action; direct action; and by providing a platform for people to share their ideas on how to best address these issues.

The sorryyoufeeluncomfortable Collective has programmed this event as part of their residency.