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Nilbar Güres: Window Commission 2010 Window Commission

10 Dec 2010-05 Jan 2011

First solo diplay of the artist's work in the UK

Rivington Place’s 2010 Window Commission, produced by Iniva, is by artist Nilbar Güres and is her first solo presentation in the UK. Using a variety of media including photography, collage, drawing, and textiles, Güres produces theatrical tableaux of women, moving between performance and the everyday. Her images combine humour with compositions seen in paintings, as well as costumes and props, subverting representational notions of femininity and cultural identity.

‘Güres declares war on the prevailing relations between the sexes by playful means, her weapons ranging from sewing needles to boxing gloves. In drawings, collages, performances, videos, and photographs she overstates the norms of the majority society, countering them with hybridized enactments of female identity.’ Kolja Reichert, author.

Past artists who have created work for Rivington Place’s window include Philomena Francis who used piped black treacle in her artwork mo’lasses III to raise questions about identity and the complexities of viewing the black female body: its representation and relationship to colonial history. Yoca Muta’s Tale of Two Suns explored folklore and man’s changing relationship with nature to theatrical effect; she went on to show in Bloomberg New Contemporaries.

Nilbar Güres has shown internationally including most recently at the 6th Berlin Biennial.

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