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Oscar Muñoz: Mirror Image Exhibition

12 Jun-25 Jul 2008

The first solo exhibition in the UK by Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz, a powerful body of work selected from the last ten years that evokes memory and loss to compelling and seductive effect.

My work today arises from an interest in comprehending the mechanism developed by a society that has accepted war as part of the routine of living. Or rather, a dark and corrupted succession of wars for more than 50 years…‘ Oscar Muñoz

Themes of memory and human loss persist with quiet restraint in Oscar Muñoz’s work. Using the light-sensitive characteristics of photography and moving image, his work is imbued with an otherworldly quality and offers a powerful metaphor for the human condition and the passing of time.

Selected by Iniva’s director Sebastian Lopez, this is the first solo exhibition of Muñoz’s work in the UK. It brings together selected works from the last ten years and explores ideas around transience and disappearance within troubled socio-political situations.

Recognised as one of the most significant contemporary artists in Colombia, Muñoz uses photography, printmaking, drawing, installation, video and sculpture combined with a variety of materials including water, glass, sugar cubes, coffee, newspapers and mirror. He has exhibited widely, most notably at the 52nd Venice Biennale, 2007.

Oscar Muñoz lives and works in Cali, Colombia.

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