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17 Jul 2008

Second in series of three films: 'In the Mood for Love' (2000)

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    020 7749 1240

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    Oscar Muñoz

In the Mood for Love (2000)
Wong Kar-Wai (Dir.)
98 mins

In the Mood for Love is a visually decadent film forming part two in a loosely formed trilogy. A thoughtful and provocative exploration of memory, tradition, historical change and love, this vivid period piece offers a rich cinematic experience.

In the Mood for Love
charts the development of an emotionally intense yet physically denied relationship between Chow Mo-Wan and Su Li-Zhen, the two protagonists of the film. Chow and Su are neighbours who slowly discover that they share much in common. Often being home alone, they find themselves frequenting the same noodle bar for dinner and realise that they both have a love of martial arts. They eventually discover that they both suspect their partners of having an affair with one another.

As their own relationship grows, they are both determined not to repeat the infidelities of their partners; the intensity of their relationship is emphasised by their attempts to repress and control their feelings for one another.

This is the second screening in a series of films selected by Oscar Muñoz that have been influential to his practice.

This event is free. Advance booking is essential, please contact:
020 7749 1240 or bookings@rivingtonplace.org
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Another film screens on 24 July.