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How Can I (or You) Resist

15 Jun-18 Jun 2011

Lloyd Corporation (Sebastian Lloyd Rees and Ali Eisa), Paul Crook Lily Keal and Ella Golt create works on the theme of 'resistance' in an exhibition organised by some of the Inivators

The Inivators (Iniva’s Youth Advisory Board), young ‘creatives’ aged 18-25, are given the opportunity to curate their first exhibition. Yolanda Hanson and Tug Rail present How Can I (or You) Resist at Rivington Place. They have selected emerging artists who explore their experiences of resistance and its representation, drawing on themes from the recent Possible Damage show on the student protests created by artist Tania El Khoury and the Inivators.

Artists Lloyd Corporation (Sebastian Lloyd Rees and Ali Eisa), Paul Crook, Lily Keal and Ella Golt present video, sculpture, and drawings. They address questions about mediated perceptions of uprisings, and how resistance may be recorded, misunderstood and remembered by those involved or observing.

Lloyd Corporation’s sculptures investigate institutional portrayals of conflict and the socio-political situation within the framework of contemporary art. Paul Crook’s videos probe ideas of value and meaning in the media, advertising, the internet and entertainment, and consider the construction of legacy and monuments.

Lily Keal works in the realm of political debate, her take on documentary film tests the space between perceived history and lived moments. She maps out a string of events against the smallest gestures. Informed by theatrical performance, utilitarian apparatus and decorative finery, Ella Golt playfully subverts materials and references, seeking order through her drawings.

Engaging creatively with peers, institutions and other artists is an important strategy in the growth and development of our ideas. This exhibition is collaborative in many ways and is itself produced through, and as a product of, various modes of resistance.” Yolanda Hanson, Inivator

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