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Future Commons

01 Sep 2021-01 Jul 2023

Future Commons is a peer-led support structure for cross-institutional curatorial trainees and other early career creative practitioners which holds mutual care, imagination and conversation at its centre.

Future Commons is a responsive space for support, critical discussion and connection. The group emerged from the needs expressed for a space that nurtures creative belief, radical practice and open peer-level exchange outside formal work structures: 

Together, we favour process over outcome, intimacy over surveillance, and abundance over scarcity.

Future Commons includes Chloe Austin, Tammi Bello, Tobi Alexandra Falade, Nikita Gill, Anahi Saravia Herrera, Amina Jama, Priya Jay, Amber Li, Jessica Lowe-Mbirimi and Kinnari Saraiya.

The group first met in August 2021 and continued to meet every two weeks until October 2023. Conversation was at the heart of their gathering, and they also organised studio visits, group trips and crits with selected mentors as ways of expanding their collective practice.

In 2023, the group made a publication entitled Future Commons: Notes on a year of care, connection and conversation

Part of an edition of 250, it has been distributed in pairs to a list of 100 individuals and institutions who were invited to keep one and pass one on. A further 50 are kept in the Stuart Hall Library – one reference copy and the rest available to take away. 

A PDF version of the publication is available to read online, here

Developed and coordinated by Priya Jay, former Barbican-iniva curatorial trainee 2018-19, Future Commons exists as part of iniva’s Future Collect initiative. To get in touch, please email pjay@iniva.org and to contact the group, please email futurecommons@iniva.org.

Image: Shadow Selves, 2017. Courtesy of the artist Tobi Alexandra Falade.
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