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DRIFT – a post-national digital pavilion

01 Apr 2022-01 Jan 2023


iniva proposes DRIFT – a post-national digital paviliona series of radical re-imaginings of Europeanness which reflect on the entanglement between land and water, movement and m/otherlands, in the forging of new identities and subjectivities. DRIFT will consider Europe from three vantage points, The RiverThe Island and The Coastline, creating three artistic outcomes: a publishing project, a podcast and a commissioned soundscape, linked by the DRIFT microsite making our dialogue digitally accessible within and beyond Europe.

We have drawn from the etymology of the word pavilion or papillon, in the creation of the DRIFT pavilion: a light, temporary, structure that moves from location to location, making stops to host, gather data and record creative practice. Our three locations will be The River represented by iniva’s home – Stuart Hall Library on the Millbank of the River Thames, The Island – the Giardini on the Island of Venice during the 2022 Art Biennale, The Coastline – the Turner Contemporary and Open School East on the coastline of England.

The digital pavilion brings together existing programmes of iniva’s work in these locations between November 2021 and December 2022, challenging notions of Europeanness through international, regional and hyperlocal events. This includes our Research Network programme which uses the framework of the archipelago as the site of cultural exchange; a conversation between diasporic artists representing European nations at the Venice Biennale in 2022; and social practice through community workshops with Open School East and their migrant youth group. At these sites we will create a publishing project; an artist conversation hosted by Sepake Angiama, iniva’s Artistic Director, including Sonia Boyce & Zineb Sedira, recorded for a podcast; and a commissioned soundscape.

All three outputs have been created for consumption across borders, encapsulating the pavilion as a site of meaningful engagement with the topic of Europeanness with Diasporic communities.


DRIFT is funded by the European Cultural Foundation as part of The European Pavilion programme, a pan-European and multidisciplinary arts initiative.

The ambition for the European Pavilion programme is to facilitate a space that encourages experimentation and reflection on Europe. To enable this the Foundation has set out to support a European network of arts and cultural organisations that, through artistic and educational projects, offer the opportunity to explore ideas for a future Europe, raising questions of what Europe is and what it can become tomorrow.

Find out more by visiting the European Pavilion website

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The European Pavilion is an initiative by the European Cultural Foundation developed in
partnership with the Camargo Foundation, the Kultura Nova Foundation, and Fondazione CRT.

Image credit: Water at the three project sites: The Thames River, the Margate Coastline, and Venetian Lagoon. Photos by Beatriz Lobo.   
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