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The Sound I Sea – Shenece Oretha

Shenece Oretha with Despacito Art School. Photo by Open School East

Shenece Oretha with Despacito Art School children. Photo by Open School East

iniva is pleased to share the recent soundscape ‘The Sound I Sea’ by artist Shenece Oretha in collaboration with Open School East’s Despacito Art School children and Iniva’s Drift Pavilion, a series of radical re-imaginings of Europeanness which reflect on the entanglement between land and water, movement and m/otherlands, in the forging of new identities and subjectivities.

Together they explored the sound of waves and movement and how they relate to the movement, migration and relation of people. Through various ways of composing they created a fun sculptural sound piece that reflects movement of sound, sea and people.

Listen to ‘The Sound I Sea’

About the Artist

Shenece Oretha (b. Montserrat) is a London based multidisciplinary artist sounding out the voice and sound’s mobilising potential. Through installation, performance, print, sculpture, sound, workshops and text she amplifies and celebrates listening and sound as an embodied and collective practice.