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CoLab Eastbourne Arpita Shah, Anne-Marie Watson and Misgana Berhane

10 Jan-06 Mar 2024

Artist Arpita Shah developed a series of workshops for year-9 students from Eastbourne Academy, reflecting on the colour blue, memory and Maria Amidu's practice.

Download the zine: Blue Portal


Aiming to extend the legacy of Future Collect, in 2023-24 CoLab takes place in Eastbourne, led by artist Arpita Shah with support of therapist Misgana Berhane and project manager Anne-Marie Watson. The artist was invited to reflect on Future Collect’s objectives and Maria Amidu’s practice, and develop a series of six workshops for young people at Eastbourne Academy. 

The workshops explore the themes of colour, identity and memory – particularly focussing on Maria Amidu’s use of blue and indigo and its connection to the sea, childhood, notions of home and memory. 

Using the cyanotype process, students explore their own connections and interpretations to the colour blue using portraiture photography, still life and written text, which they are encouraged to experiment with through juxtaposition. 

Workshops sessions combine elements of photography, creative writing, creating and washing cyanotpes. Students co-create an autobiographical print with Arpita, which are permanently kept  at the school. The works also integrate a publication, available at the Stuart Hall Library.


colab eastbourne Large











Artwork by Eastbourne Academy student Jess Evenden / Photo by Phoebe Wingrove