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Liminal: A Question of Position

Who controls collaboration? Chris Lane and Larry Achiampong

19 Mar 2009

Chris Lane, Larry Achiampong and the Inivators in conversation

‘Step into Our World’ is a multimedia work created collaboratively by Chris Lane, Larry Achiampong and the Inivators. It involves the building of a multimedia repository collected from public and personal archives, online copyright-free material and submissions from members of the public. This repository becomes the source for the creation of several artworks that question widely held assumptions about the impact of new communications technologies.

The group discuss their experience of working together on the project and the dynamics of collaborative working while considering the wider question of ‘who controls collaboration?’

Chris Lane is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media & Communications and Principal Lecturer Information Strategy for the Department of Applied Social Sciences at London Metropolitan University.

Larry Achiampong is a sound and visual artist.

The INIvators are Iniva’s youth advisory board.