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Step Into Our World

Step into our World The Inivators, Larry Achiampong and Chris Lane

13 Mar-25 Apr 2009

Creating Narrative: Objects, Images and Contributions Thursday - Saturday

The Inivators, Larry Achiampong and Chris Lane invite you to join them in Iniva’s Learning Lab and contribute to ‘Step into Our World’.

Iniva’s Learning Lab is set up as a site for production and presentation, initiating lively exchanges of ideas, perspectives and media that contribute to an ever expanding digital database.

The public can contribute movie clips, images, and text, as well as interact with RFID tagged objects to reconfigure sounds and sights related to the Step into Our World artworks. The project explores the processes and journeys of images and how they change in meaning as their contexts and locations shift. Through the act of inviting the public to contribute and alter the appearance of the work, the roles of curator, viewer, and artist become blurred and discussions of collaboration begin.