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On Art Therapy Lyn French and Diana Kagiafa

11 May 2013

Exploring Family in One-to-One Art Therapy Sessions

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    Rivington Place

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    Lyn French

In relation to the Keywords exhibition and as part of the Family display, Iniva presents Exploring Family in One-to-One Art Therapy Sessions, a presentation by Lyn French (A Space Director) and Diana Kagiafa (art therapist).

When individuals are seen for art therapy sessions, therapists rarely consider them in isolation. Regardless of their age, therapists view their clients within the wider context of their family history. They hold in mind their current circumstances and significant experiences. As well, they aim to uncover psychically scarring material from the more distant past which may remain unprocessed and be re-presenting in some form or another in the present.

In this event, therapists Lyn French and Diana Kagiafa discuss what we can learn from family therapists. They will also explore how art resources and guided exercises can be used to help clients to get in touch with emotionally potent histories of past generations.


Lyn French is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and an art therapist. She originally completed the Goldsmiths MA in fine art and has a long standing interest in integrating the arts, arts therapies and psychotherapy. She is the Director of A Space in Hackney. Recent publications include Therapeutic Practice in Schools: Working with the Child Within (2012, Routledge) and Therapeutic Practice in Schools: The Contemporary Adolescent due out early in 2014. Both are co-edited with Reva Klein.

Diana Kagiafa studied psychology and fine arts in Greece before completing her MA in Art Therapy in London. She has had a key role in establishing the profession in Greece, teaching on relevant training courses and introducing art therapy in the school context. For the past 6 years, Diana has had an active role in coordinating 4ArTS, an annual international conference held in a different city in Europe for creative therapy trainees. Diana has a long professional background in mental health settings and also in working with children and adolescents. She has recently taken up an art therapy position in a palliative care hospice in South London.

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Presentation on Family by Lyn French


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