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Iniva Creative Learning


Iniva's schools project. Guest artists and creative therapists work with pupils to make the classroom an experimental ‘laboratory’

ArtLab was an Iniva Creative Learning initiative developed in partnership with the Opossum Federation. Guest artists from Iniva and creative therapists from A Space work with pupils using the classroom as an experimental ‘laboratory’. Workshops designed around contemporary art practices focus on an identified subject related to the curriculum. Exploration is opened up to include psychologically resonant themes, in particular, those featured in the Emotional Learning Cards co-published by Iniva and A Space. In parallel with the classroom input, selected Art Leaders collaborate closely with the artist to co-create inspirational gallery-standard works. Resources for teachers and educators are then produced based on the workshop programme, and are made available to download for free. Iniva Creative Learning (a partnership between A Space arts and therapy service and Iniva) is now working on new education projects which hold the integration of Art and Art Therapy alongside the building of art making and emotional learning skills and the exploration of identity at their core.

The A-Z of values project

Example ArtLab themes include the exploration of the meaning of values including ‘British values’. Who decides the values we live by? Are some values shared by all communities? Why does the current National Curriculum require that students learn about four core values – liberty, tolerance, democracy and respect for law? How do values give us a sense of belonging? These are the kinds of questions Year 4 pupils at Newport and Dawlish Primary Schools in Leyton investigated under a programme commissioned by the Opossum Federation and delivered in school by A Space and Iniva. See more about these projects below…

ArtLab workshops brought together emotionally informed themes with artist-led practices. They were delivered by a culturally diverse artist and an A Space therapist.

ArtLab activities included:

– Pupils illustrating one of the four British values using collage and painted techniques

– Pupils introduced to books from Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library, searching for examples of other cultural or community values

– Working with a family therapist to collectively explore each other’s values, finding one value to represent in an artwork as a class.    

Commissioning a full ArtLab included:

– Commissioned artist & family or art therapist
– Project management & school liaison
– Lesson planning and prep time
– Exhibition of works at the Stuart Hall Library & class visit
– Visit from Stuart Hall Library staff to workshop session
– Commissioned artist creates a piece of artwork for the school leaving a legacy of the themes explored.

For more information on the ArtLab programme archive or to commission an Iniva Creative Learning education project contact:

Susan Ibreck
0207 749 1247