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Exploring Identity: Experiences of Self and the Other in Lockdown Georgina Obaye Evans

04 Jun 2020

An Online Personal and Professional Development Workshop

Iniva Creative Learning’s Exploring Identity workshops provide a supported space in which to explore how class, culture, gender and race all work to develop and influence our sense of self. 

In this online workshop, artist and art therapist Georgina Obaye Evans will open up conversations around our sense of self and other at this challenging time.

The workshop will provide an activity using our Emotional Learning Cards followed by a guided group discussion to spark thinking, dialogue and learning to address:

  • How is our current experience is impacting our sense of self: the internal, and our understanding of the other: the external? 
  • How can we use contemporary art (both making and viewing) as a means of supporting the formation of the self?
  • How can the Emotional Learning Cards help us explore how and what we feel?
  • How can we use the cards to help others explore how and what they feel?

This workshop will be held via Zoom. In advance of the workshop you will be sent a pack by email with: details of how to connect, two selected Emotional Learning Cards (pdf format) and accompanying word banks.

Maximum group number: 10
This workshop contributes to CPD and can be certificated on request.

Booking: Our regular ticket price for this workshop would be £12 but we are offering it on a ‘pay what you can’ basis, with trust. It is important to us at this time that the workshop is available to as wide a range of participants as possible. If you are able to give generously to support the work of Iniva and those less able to contribute we would be very grateful. All fees go to supporting the future work of Iniva Creative Learning.


About: Iniva Creative Learning’s Emotional Learning Cards mix contemporary art by international artists with psychotherapeutic practice. Facilitator Georgina was born in Nigeria and is of mixed heritage. Exploring ideas relating to how our identity is shaped by conscious and unconscious influences has always been of key interest to her both as an artist and a creative therapist.

Image: Honesty by Shiraz Bayjoo, 2017 from Let's Talk About Values (Emotional Learning Card pack)