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Black visual sound practices with Cheraine Donalea Scott

13 Mar 2020
  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Address

    16 John Islip Street
    SW1P 4JU

  • Date

    13 March 2020

  • Time


  • Free, booking encouraged

Expanding on the essay, ‘Rock, Riots and Racism’, Iniva invites you to a free interactive evening with Cheraine Donalea Scott. Using different spaces within Stuart Hall Library, focusing on the theme of grime, punk, reggae and lovers rock, we will engage with a combination of sound and visual stimuli to develop the way we encounter images through the practice of listening.

“Listening to Images engages… images as conduits of an unlikely interplay between the vernacular and the state”.
Tina Campt, Listening to Images (2017)

In this evening, we will think about the interplay between black music, sound, visual practices and the nation state through browsing material from the library and archive. The materials laid out will offer an insight into the political and social setting this genre of music thrived within, obscuring traditional notions of linear time.

The audience is encouraged to listen to the audio visual collection laid out and collectively respond both in discussion and in short note form expressing thoughts and feelings on the music cultures.


Cheraine Donalea Scott is currently completing a PhD in Media, Culture and Communications at the New York University. Her research explores the political intentions of UK Grime music in the current UK political climate, looking at the music’s impact on black and white working-class urban youth.