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A New Internationalism Symposium Rasheed Araeen; Gordon Bennett; Jimmie Durham

26 Apr-27 Apr 1994

Coordinated by the Arts Council of England and held at the Tate Gallery, London, the symposium discussed the following topics: Recoding the International;
Art, History and the Modern Museum;
Beyond Diversity and Difference;
Curatorship and International Exhibitions.

Rasheed Araeen; Gordon Bennett; Jimmie Durham; Hal Foster;
Stuart Hall; Hou Hanru; Gavin Jantjes; Geeta Kapur;
Raiji Kuroda; Sarat Maharaj; Gerardo Mosquera; Sandy Nairne;
Everlyn Nicodemus; Olu Oguibe; Guillermo Santamarina;
Elisabeth Sussman; Gilane Tawadros; Fred Wilson;
Judith Wilson.