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Stuart Hall – tributes

Iniva were very sad to learn of the passing of our former Chairman, Stuart Hall, on Monday 10th February 2014.

Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall

Until 2008 Stuart Hall was chair of Iniva and Autograph ABP (The Association of Black Photographers) and on the team of the Lottery project to build Rivington Place, a culturally-diverse visual arts centre in London and the home of both organisations.

Hall once stated, ‘I am very involved in some areas of the practice of visual arts in Britain at the moment, as I have the honour to chair the Boards of both the Institute of International Visual arts (Iniva) and Autograph, the Association of Black Photographers. I therefore know something about the area of contemporary artistic practice which I regard as one of the liveliest, most vigorous and most creative sectors of the contemporary arts anywhere.’ P.36 Modernity and Difference ‘A conversation between Stuart Hall and Sarat Maharaj’, published as part of our Annotations series in 2001, available in our Stuart Hall Library.

Stuart Hall


Stuart Hall Library: There is a condolences book in the Stuart Hall Library at Rivington Place and the film Personally Speaking directed by Mike Dibb which features a long interview is available to view for free in the library. For the occasion of his 80th birthday two years ago, our librarians prepared a bibliography based on a collection of materials available in the library, by/about Stuart Hall. Though not a comprehensive list, it provides the reader with a wide range of Hall’s ideas and concerns, such as hegemony, Marxism and cultural studies, and notions of identity, cultural identity and race.

You can also contribute to Stuart Hall tribute online from publishers of Soundings journal, Lawrence & Wishart. Stuart Hall was founding editor of this publication and it is currently available in our Library.

Press articles

There have been some lovely articles about Stuart Hall in the press – here is a selection of ones that we have read:

Stuart Hall: A class warrior and a class act by Gary Younge for the Guardian.

Stuart Hall was a voice for misfits everywhere. That’s his real legacy by Suzanne Moore for the Guardian.

Long Live Stuart Hall by Jacques Ranciere on Ranciere blog spot.

A Stuart Hall shaped hole in the universe – a personal account by Annie Paul.