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Now in its second edition, this is the first major publication on Keith Piper providing an in-depth analysis of his life and work to date. It includes a major essay by Kobena Mercer based on an extended dialogue with the artist and an accompanying dual-platform CD-ROM, fully authored by Piper.

Echoing the idea of a physical expedition in its labyrinth of user-interactive ‘virtual spaces’, the CD-ROM enables users to explore, excavate and assemble fragments from Piper’s various thematically linked bodies of work.

Published on the occasion of Piper’s solo exhibition at the Royal College of Art, London, July 1997.

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What people say

'Keith Piper is an artist whose work purposefully embraces the full breadth of the history of the African diaspora. "Sampling" from both "high" and " low" culture, he redefines what it means to be both black and British ... He is unquestionably the most important visual artist that the black British tradition has so far produced.' Caryl Phillips
'Artists of colour are routinely asked to choose between "political resistance" and "artistic freedom", understood as mutually exclusive projects. Throughout his career, Keith Piper has stubbornly refused this devil's bargain. Merging social critique and technical innovation, his art has consistently challenged viewers on both fronts with a fierce brilliance.' Judith Wilson
'With the publication of this monograph, the work of Keith Piper - one of the most consistently original, innovative and challenging black British visual practitioners of his generation - gets, at last, the serious critical assessment it deserves.' Stuart Hall


 ISBN: 1-899846-10-7
96pp, softback with flaps, 310 x 220mm, 144 illustrations (110 colour)
1997 (dual-platform edition reprinted 1999)