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Boxer explores the connections between boxing and visual culture, raising questions about the figure of the boxer as a cultural icon and placing the boxer at the centre of debates around class, race, masculinity and eroticism. This fully illustrated book negotiates this complex terrain, encompassing a broad sweep of historical space and time and a range of media from painting and sculpture through photography, video, installation, and film.

Texts: David Chandler, Roger Lloyd Conover, Jean Fisher, Jennifer Hargreaves, Sarah Hyde, Nick James, Ian Jeffrey, Glenn Ligon, David Mellor, Joyce Carol Oates, Keith Piper, Marcia Pointon.

Published on occasion of the exhibition Boxer, curated by John Gill and produced by Walsall Museum & Art Gallery in association with Iniva, 1995

What people say

'If, as Joyce Carol Oates, has so persuasively argued: "Each boxing match is a story", then it is also surely a picture. The boxing match is neatly framed, squared-off by the ring; it is a set piece, a scene to be deciphered, a tableau alive with coded messages that tests our powers of interpretation...' David Chandler


ISBN: 1-899846-04-2
136pp, paperback with flaps, 220 x 270mm, 91 illustrations
Iniva and MIT Press, 1996