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This monograph is the only publication to focus on the life and work of Avtarjeet Dhanjal since his arrival in Britain from India in the early 1970s. Concerned with the resolution of opposing elements – materially, formally and culturally – Dhanjal’s work draws heavily on his experience of Indian aesthetic traditions, blending them with the influence of European and specifically British modernist sculpture.

Containing an extended critical essay by the Irish author and playwright Brian McAvera, this book is generously illustrated in colour with images from the artist’s installations in galleries and natural environments.

Published on the occasion of Avtarjeet Dhanjal’s first major solo exhibition at Pitshanger Manor and Gallery, 1997.

What people say

'Avtarjeet Dhanjal is a remarkably original sculptor whose works reflect our increasingly pressing concerns with ecology...' Partha Mitter - Professor of Art History, University of Sussex
'An invaluable contribution to understanding the achievement of an artist who, nourished by the tension between the cultures of East and West, occupies a singular place in contemporary sculpture.' Richard Cork - Chief Art Critic, The Times


ISBN: 1-899846-11-5
96pp, paperback, 310 x 220mm, 88 illustrations (68 in colour)