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Iniva is delighted to launch a new limited edition print by acclaimed Nepalese artist Tsherin Sherpa, created in collaboration with Rossi & Rossi Contemporary. This outstanding digital print which comes in two sections, was created from the original monumental canvas based diptych ‘All Things Considered’.

‘All Things Considered consists of two enormous spirit figures hovering above scenes of chaos and play. There’s a sense of confusion and protection amongst smothering amounts of fire and smoke. Golden children from different parts of the world are depicted either playing blissfully or in anguish amongst the turmoil, almost as if on a different plain of existence. In today’s world we are all affected by some form of upheaval, be it from poverty, war, genocide, sickness, discrimination or environmental changes. Much of the hatred comes out of our attachment to individual realities and belief systems. As we draw lines between countries and close our minds to other cultures and their identities, we turn away from our commonalities. Here, I search for equanimity above the current destruction in the world, hoping that the next generation can see past the differences and find some better ground.’
Tsherin Sherpa – From Parallel Realities, Contemporary Tibetan Art.

About the Artist

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Tsherin Sherpa currently works and lives in the United States. From the age of 12, he studied traditional Tibetan thangka painting with his father, a renowned thangka artist from Ngyalam, Tibet. After studying computer science and Mandarin in Taiwan, he returned to Nepal where he collaborated with his father on several important projects, including thangka and monastery mural paintings. In 1998, Sherpa moved to California where he worked instructor at several Buddhist centers before moving into contemporary artistic practice. His work has recently been acquired by the Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane, Australia and will soon be on permanent display at the V&A, London within their Himalayan collection.


Digital giclée print with gold leaf on Somerset paper
2 panels, total size 51.3 x 81.7 cm (20 ¼ x 32 ¼)
Edition of 50, signed and numbered verso (2015)