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The acclaimed artist, Sonia Boyce, works in a wide range of media to address contemporary urban experience and the relationship between sound and memory. Boyce rose to prominence in the 1980s for her work questioning racial stereotypes in the media and in day-to-day life. Her more recent work has shifted to explore social practice and collaboration, with the audience as an integral part of the artwork.

In Scat, produced in collaboration with Iniva, Boyce explores the significance of sound in art through the presentation of two video works and through The Devotional Collection, a multi-media archive she has built which charts the history of black women in the music industry.

Good Morning Freedom is a new limited edition print, created especially for Scat and developed through archive materials from The Devotional Collection. Boyce has sampled the 1970’s hit ‘Good Morning Freedom’; an uplifting song that reached number 10 in the UK singles charts in 1970. Performed by the band Blue Mink, it features the vocals of Madeline Bell, a US session singer who settled in the UK having started out singing gospel in the United States.

The vibrant print communicates the spirit and effervescence of the song. Recognised as an important artist for her generation, Sonia Boyce only occasionally produces limited edition prints and as such this is a rare opportunity to own a work of hers.

Watch Sonia Boyce talk about her limited edition print


Four colour lithograph on Fabriano 5 300gsm

Edition of 100, signed and numbered


Printed by Sky Editions, London