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Boxed set of 26 Contemporary Art Cards for building an Emotional Vocabulary.

Life includes ups and downs for everyone. Strengthening our capacity to tolerate unsettling feelings and building our resilience so that we recover quickly from setbacks are both vital to well-being. The A-Z of Emotions is the latest emotional learning resource in our series, featuring 26 commissioned artworks from contemporary artists, paired with a therapeutically informed alphabet and commentary + questions designed to stimulate personal reflection and group discussion.

Throughout history, artists from all disciplines have recognised the importance of documenting and exploring ‘felt experiences’. Each of the artists included has produced original works to illustrate feelings from ‘anger’ to ‘zest for life’ using a range of media from digital montage to watercolour and collage. The accompanying texts have been written by an experienced therapist to help navigate complex personal and emotional exploration across age groups.

The Artwork

Drawing on Iniva’s extensive knowledge, the selected artists have been carefully chosen for commission in order to reflect the richness of global contemporary art. Artists featured include: Larry Achiampong (Digital Montage), Phoebe Boswell (Pencil on Paper), Dia Batal (Mixed Media), Chila Burman (Mixed Media Collage), Matthew Krishanu (Oil on Canvas). Each artist has contributed 5 or 6 original images.


– 26 colour cards

– On the front: an image of a commissioned artwork by a contemporary artist.

– On the back: descriptions of emotions + their opposites and what triggers them informed by psychoanalytic thinking + open questions to prompt exploration.