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As well as challenging commonly held assumptions about who makes art and what its purpose might be, the cards bring together the kinds of questions artists enquire into with those which are at the root of all emotional learning and therapeutic exploration. 

‘How do we live well with others?’ is the latest emotional learning resource in our series. The images featured are beautiful reproductions of contemporary artworks selected for their psychological resonance and their visual impact. This set has been developed to raise awareness of our similarities and differences, and their effect on our understanding of each other. The set addresses questions including: What has influenced who we are now and how do we make sense of who we are becoming? What are the conscious and unconscious impacts of history, memory, class, race, culture, gender, family and society on our perceptions of ‘self’ and ‘other’?

It is now widely recognised that well-being in every part of life depends on successfully building understanding, insight and emotional resilience. Emotional Learning Cards occupy a leading position in the growing fields of emotional learning and psychological therapies, bringing together the extensive experience of Iniva and A Space in both the arts and therapies. Our cards support ‘meaning-making’ as well as challenging often stereotypical ideas about who makes art and what its purpose might be.

Featured Artists:

Yinka Shonibare MBE, Ai Weiwei, Shirin Neshat, Tania Bruguera, Francis Alÿs, Lu Chunsheng, Doris Salcedo, Oscar Muñoz, Roohi Ahmed, Carrie Mae Weems, Margareta Kern, Bani Abidi, Sudhir Patwardhan, Godfried Donkor, Zarina Hashmi, Faisal Abdu’Allah, Nilbar Gures, Sonia Boyce MBE, Navin Rawanchaikul, Chen Chieh-jen. 

What people say

"We were struck by how the ambiguity and unusualness of the images could provoke conversation and tangents of thought." - Feedback from user fiasco
"The cards are beautiful, very useful to facilitate conversations and as part of a group exercise." - Dr Jo Allen fiasco
"They offer an exciting and refreshing way of reading images." - Aesthetica magazine fiasco
"I frequently use the Emotional Learning Cards in Art Therapy assessment sessions. They facilitate clients to talk about themselves when the therapeutic relationship is not established yet and making a mark on a “blank canvas” can seem so daunting. The cards inspire interesting conversations and help pull out important themes that may guide the sessions thereafter. A very useful tool to have in the therapy room." - Diana Kagiafa (Art Psychotherapist, Trinity Hospice & Sessional lecturer, Goldsmiths College, MA in Art Psychotherapy) fiasco
"These cards effectively combine thought-provoking contemporary art images with stimulating questions that highlight themes relating to social identity, gender and the meanings we give to our experiences." - Diane Waller OBE (Professor of Art Psychotherapy) fiasco
"I have been using these cards with an 11 year old child, who struggles to communicate her feelings. The cards have proven a great resource in opening up conversations and providing insight into her wishes and feelings to inform a Child Protection Plan." - Family Therapist, Hackney Social Care, London fiasco
"The most amazing asset in the counseling room - worth their weight in gold!" - Cathie Farthing (Head of Psychology, Queen Anne's School) fiasco
“The quality of the images and the design make the A-Z of Leadership an extremely valuable resource. The cards create a 'way in' to various topics and can be used time and again to explore a range of leadership themes and related issues. Effective dialogue and communication are essential for leadership success whether at home, in our social life or in the workplace - these cards help to facilitate this in a unique and powerful way.” - Prue Barnes-Kemp, Executive Head Teacher, Head of the Virtual Leadership Academy, Essex & Educational Consultant fiasco


– 20 colour cards 

– On the front: an image of a contemporary artwork by a culturally diverse artist.

– On the back: open questions and discussion prompts around the theme of ‘How do we live well with others?’

– Suggestions for using the cards in different contexts such as school, home, gallery workshops and individual group therapy settings are offered in a fold-out leaflet.