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Touring London

01 Jan-01 Jul 2001

Touring London is a web-based project, edited by Oliver Sumner, which investigates the role of the artist as tourist.

Tim Brennan, Isaac Julien & Zeigam Azizov, Emma Kay, Deborah Levy, Erika Tan and Cai Yuan & Jian Ju Xi were commissioned to produce artworks in response to a tour of London’s Bloomsbury district, taken from Harold Clunn’s The Face of London, a 1950s guidebook to central London.

The artists have responded in a multiplicity of ways and media, from Cai Yuan & Jian Ju Xi’s photographs and recordings of their interventions (some clandestine, others disruptively public) along the route, to Emma Kay’s amassed memories of one of London’s most frequented and familiar yet anonymous areas.

The website, designed by Squidsoup, addresses the performative role of the tourist in London and leads viewers to question how they accumulate their own impressions of cities both home and away.

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