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Terrain Gonkar Gyatso Exhibition

02 Mar-08 Mar 2006

Terrain is a visual tagging exhibition displaying large-scale works created with artist Gonkar Gyatso and year 6 students at Shacklewell Primary School, Hackney. In collaboration with A Space.

Limina refers to being at a place where the past, present and future intersect.

Terrain is a visual ‘tagging’ project with internationally respected artist Gonkar Gyatso working in collaboration with Year 6 and 7 transfer students in the new Jack Petchey Academy that is being built upon the previous site of Kingsland Secondary School.

Gyatso explores inscription and territorial marking through traditional Tibetan calligraphy, contemporary graffiti and western pop iconography.

By revisiting the site of the first workshop series in 2004, Terrain considers how the physical environment and its architecture shape identity and cultural understanding, not from a position of migration but one of occupation.

Following Touchstones (I & II) and Threshold, Terrain is the final workshop series in the tripartite Limina schools projects programme.

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