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Social Archive Two: Fluctuating Economies in Shoreditch Undocumentary Exhibition and Workshop

23 Jun-21 Jul 2012

Exhibiting in Education Space to 21 July the project explores the contrasting economics of Rivington Place's locale with the people who live and work in Shoreditch through films made by Undocumentary (artists Shiraz Bayjoo and Jessica Harrington) and the public.

An exhibition created by the public

This is the second phase of the three-year Social Archive project as curated by Teresa Cisneros.

Through workshops led by artists Undocumentary, project participants will take on the role of socio-economic historians, making short films documenting the stories of the people working and living in the area. They will document their impressions, stories and reflections on their economic futures, creating an archive of predictions, hopes, aspirations and potential disappointments. The films created will be displayed in an exhibition at Rivington Place from 12 – 21 July and will be available to view online.

A three-year project – art and economy

Social Archive One: An Economic Forecast – (Shoreditch) is part of At the Intersection: Art and Economies, a three-year initiative exploring critical and creative approaches to economics. It focuses on pre-Olympics fervour, Social Archive Two in 2012 will revisit some of the sites and individuals as the Olympics comes to London, and Social Archive Three will take a look at the people and their attitudes post-Olympics in 2013 and the impact the Games has had on them.

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