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Kabir Hussain: Temporal Moments Exhibition

26 Apr-03 Jun 2006

Kabir Hussain's Temporal Moments consists of small-scale bronzes and pencil drawings that celebrate the foods and spices commonplace to the artist's birthplace in Punjab, Pakistan.

Kabir Hussain is a master founder who has over 15 years of experience casting bronze sculptures for his own work as well as for other leading contemporary artists.  His latest series, Temporal Moments, consists of small-scale bronzes and pencil drawings which celebrate the foods and spices native to the artist’s birthplace in Punjab, Pakistan.

Through exquisitely rendered cloves of garlic, chilis, and walnuts Kabir explores the tension within his nostalgia for an idealised past and his upbringing in a “Pakistani oasis” in Yorkshire. The works in Temporal Moments reveal familiar items of food as poignant artifacts in the practice of cultural identity.

This exhibition is a co-presented by inIVA and Café Gallery Projects and takes place at both venues.

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