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Franklyn Rodgers

01 Oct 2006

'We are sailing in the sea of a global technological revolution how we choose to navigate will define how new continents are found.' Franklyn Rogers

Por-trait the project, is an invitation for Universities /Colleges, photographers and individuals to submit and discuss their images in an effort to re-evaluate how the present portraiture genre stands today.

Wanting to challenge contemporary photographic practice, giving a wider scope to what the portrait can represent from particularly a non-Eurocentric perspective. It is an endeavour to discover a new line of thought.

It is an outreach, a forum for the exchange of ideas surrounding the possibilities, which exist in redefining a hybridised cross-cultural aesthetic. The focus is on the face; reflecting the new ways in which we choose to interact globally.

Pregnant with the possibilities of new mirrors in our lives coated in ways where there is no mercury or silver in sight. It asks you to question the Eurocentric aesthetic that pervades the modern contemporary photographic portrait genre and to comment.

Looking at fresh ways that we may create a more coherent visual link that is a reflection of the diversity that is more commonplace in current music genres.

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