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Exotic Excursions Exhibition

29 Mar-21 Apr 1995

Drawing on the desire to be elsewhere, Exotic Excursions explores the relationship between the visitor and visited, the domestic and the exotic.

‘Exotic Excursions’ explored the experience of travel through video, installation and photographic work. Using humour and irony the artists hijacked the familiar social and domestic rituals of the dinner party, the holiday romance, the sending of postcards and collecting of religious memorabilia to disrupt expected narratives.

Michael Curran’s video work Les Souffrance du Dubbing attempted a tortuous translation of sex, location and time constructed around an assemblage of façades which collapsed and shifted around one another.

Kate Smith and Clair Joy formed a photographic collaboration while travelling and living between new York and London, disrupting linear narratives by filtering photographic images back and forth in a transatlantic dialogue.

Tatsuo Majima’s video Dinner Party revealed a welcome home gathering, implicating the viewer in an ironic parody of social rituals.

Fernando Palma Rodriguez’s installation comprised of 24 borrowed jackets from friends hung on a water sprinkling coat rail. Each jacket was emblazoned with a Mexican icon.

The exhibition was curated by Cumberlidge Nimarkoh Curators in collaboration with the Institute of International Visual Arts and shown at 28 Foubert’s Place, London from 30 March – 22 April 1995. The exhibition has also been shown at Oldham Gallery in 1995.

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