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Dislocation : Central St. Martin’s Students Respond

18 Apr-27 Apr 2013

Phil Alcock, Keshav Anand, Sofia Bracamontes,Nicole Coson, Sarah J Hamilton, Roshanak Khakban, Louisa Macnamara, Faun Nash, Tosin Ogunsanya, Delphine Simeao, Zac Underwood, Jade Wilford

In response to the Keywords exhibition and in partnership with Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, Iniva presents Dislocation. The focus of this exhibition is to discursively and performatively explore the role of dislocation in culture, society and contemporary art practices. What happens when we take the work of an artist, or a cultural artifact out of its original context and place it in another time or place? How and to whom does the work speak?

Students from Central Saint Martins School of Art have been looking at technologies of distanciation and dislocation: that of the museum and the cinematic, special-effects device of the green screen.

Dislocation presents their investigations into these systems through a curatorial frame. As such, the exhibition should be regarded as a testing ground, in which the group audition the potentials of these terms, and the strategies they engender, for their own practices.

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