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Candy Pop & Juicy Lucy on Tour Chila Kumari Burman Project

01 Jul-30 Aug 2007

'A deliciously fun mixture of ice cream, art and music in East London. Participatory art workshops and exhibition, toured in an ice-cream van.'

Artist Chila Kumari Burman tours her Dad’s original 1970s ice cream van around Hackney providing a month of art workshops for young people.

Chila’s father was an ice cream seller and she was the envy of her schoolmates, helping herself to soft scoop and Flakes every day of the week. Now she is using his old van to display and tour her artwork and engage young people through outdoor art projects.

From July to August the van will tour the Shellgrove, Leabank Square and New Kingshold Estates in Hackney before reaching its final destination outside Rivington Place for a weekend of celebration on 18th August.

Inside the van you can hear a soundtrack mix of rap, reggae, bhangra and Punjabi folk music while looking at Chila’s artwork, a magnificent mixture of Bollywood graphics, sex shop paraphernalia and family memorabilia. A specially designed tent will be used to run the workshops. Partnering with the Purple Bus, a mobile ICT facility run by Hackney Youth Services, to provide technical facilities as part of these workshops.

The project will culminate over the weekend of 18–19 August 2007 when the van will be driven to Shoreditch and parked outside Iniva’s new building, Rivington Place. Ice cream will be served from the hatch and you will be able to both see work produced during the workshops and produce your own. Just turn up.

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