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Appearing to Be: Juan Pablo Echeverri vs Nueva Generacion Learning: Exhibition

16 Jul-26 Jul 2008

Collaborating to create music video artworks

Artist Juan Pablo Echeverri is creating a music video art project with UK-based Nueva Generacion.

Appearing to Be uses music video to explore ideas about personal and cultural identity, musical aesthetic, and collaborative art making methods.

Colombian artist Juan Pablo‘s practice revolves around self-portraiture, working with photography, performance and video art. His work investigates gender, identity and popular culture.

Nueva Generacion is a Latin American collective working cross-culturally to raise awareness of social issues, stimulate change and promote Latin American cultures. The collective works closely with the Latin American community in Lambeth South London, and internationally through public workshops. Many of the members of the group have recently immigrated to the UK or are the first-generation UK.

Appearing to Be features two music videos created by members of Nueva Generacion in collaboration with Juan Pablo, alongside a new commission by the Colombian artist. The exhibition also includes a selection of paintings and photographs by members of Nueva Generacion.

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