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Alter Ego: Film workshop with artist Larry Achiampong

18 Feb-19 Feb 2009
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bLacKpH03Nix VS Superman, 2007

Alter Ego:  film workshop

This is an opportunity for young people to explore their hidden talents and make a film with artist Larry Achiampong. In this 2 day workshop they will create an alter ego, like the characters in comic books and learn audio and video editing techniques to create a 3 minute film.

Participants should be agreed between 14-19, they will explore their identities and how they see themselves in a place like London. Through the notion of an alter ego, those who are familiar with graphic novels and comic books will immediately think of super heroes.

The young people will think about themselves with other identities or what it would be like to have more than one identity in a world where this can easily shift. Through technology many of us already have alter egos in our on-line lives and the activities in which we participate.

The workshop is part of Discover Young Hackney 2009.

For participants: 14 – 19 years old

18 – 19 February, 10:30am-4:30pm

To book a place email:  tledda@iniva.org

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