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Alia Syed: Jigar Exhibition

30 Jan-30 Jul 2002

Featuring evocative and poetic film works, 'Jigar' brought together a significant body of work, made over a period of fifteen years by the British Asian artist Alia Syed.

Her work embraces a wide range of film practices, refusing to sit in a single, definable form. Classic feminist agenda’s, issues of representation, fragmented narratives and the urban landscape play alongside Syed’s unpretentious celebration of sound and image. Often using black and white 16 mm film, her elegiac work revel in ambiguities of time and place.

‘Spoken Diary’ (2001), a four-screen installation tells the tale of two parallel journeys, was shown at the New Art Gallery, Walsall from 1 February – 10 March 2002 alongside the films ‘Watershed’ (1995) and ‘Swan’ (1989). Paralled, ‘Fatima’s Letter’ (1994), depicting the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of East London in form of a letter in Urdu, was shown at TheSpace@inIVA from 6 February – 15 March 2002.

The third part of the exhibition featured the film ‘Eating Grass’, premiered at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh, Greater Manchester from 22 June – 4 August 2002.

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