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Who are the Migrant Workers Today? Faiza Shaheen, Kevin Ward, Jose Luis Sanchez

15 Sep 2011

Talk and workshop with Margareta Kern, Dr Faiza Shaheen, Kevin Ward, Latin American Workers Association, and Carrots Workers collective/Precarious Workers Brigade

Talk and workshop: Who are the Migrant Workers Today? (mapping precarious labour) with Dr Faiza Shaheen, economist, Kevin Ward, Professor of Human Geography, Jose Luis Sanchez and the Latin American Workers Association, and Carrot Workers collective/Precarious Workers Brigade

This is the first in the series of terms & conditions events, which aims to broadly open up and map different forms of precarious labour, with a particular focus on precarity of migrant labour. By asking ‘who are the migrant workers today?‘ the session does not aim to provide a summative list, but to provoke, evoke and create space for collaborative mapping of the ever shifting and deteriorating terms and conditions, often aided by increasingly prohibitive immigration laws, or a lack of legislation such as in the informal economies of cultural sector, creating exploitative conditions for a cross-section of workers.

Presentations by Dr Faiza Shaheen, Professor Kevin Ward and Jose Luis Sanchez from the Latin American Workers Association, will be followed by short workshop with Precarious Workers Brigade and a round table discussion.

terms & conditions is a project comprising of a series of events devised by Iniva in collaboration with artist Margareta Kern. The events, ranging from talks and discussions to workshops and walking tours, explore the impact of neoliberal capitalism on migration and labour with a focus on the social and economic injustices.

Inspired by Iniva’s three year project At the Intersection: Art & Economies.

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