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Ways of Being: Identity Georgina Obaya Evans

02 Feb-06 Apr 2021

These experiential, drop in workshops provide supported opportunities to explore the complex topic of identity using international contemporary visual art

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On the first Tuesday of the month, art psychotherapist and artist Georgina Obaya Evans will facilitate a zoom group that builds on themes from the recent series ‘Reflections on Identity’.

Our experiential workshops provide a space for facilitated and peer to peer learning. The workshops will ask questions that explore ideas about; our inner selves, how we form our sense of self within and in reflection of external social frameworks, examine how gender/ race/ sexuality and class intersect in our ‘performance of self’ and how we are mapped by our environment.

Drawing on our current circumstances and following a tumultuous year these sessions provide much needed space to focus on self as we think, breathe and connect with others.

Participants need not have attended previously and each workshop will run as a stand-alone session. Those who wish to join every month will have the opportunity to explore in more depth, subjects and ideas linking to how our sense of self and our place in the world are interwoven in a complex intersubjective dynamic. Selected images from our sets of emotional learning cards will be used as a starting point for discussion.

Although our workshops are currently taking place on zoom, we are still able to provide a warm, welcoming confidential space in which to explore themes relevant to us all. Group sizes are limited to 10 people.

You are welcome to join us for your CPD and for your own personal development. If you study or work in a field which includes emotional learning and/or therapeutic practice, you’ll also learn new approaches to opening up important conversations with any age group.

If you are an artist, our series offers a unique opportunity for deeper reflection on themes and experiences that can powerfully resonate on more personal levels. We very much look forward to welcoming you to our 2021 ‘Ways of Being’ monthly workshops.

Workshop participants will be emailed before the first date with further information and resources to be used in the series. Sets of our emotional learning cards can be purchased at a discount during the series.

For any queries please contact sibreck@iniva.org

Image: Lynette Yiadom - Boakye, Complication 2013, featured in the A-Z of Leadership Emotional Learning Cards

About the organisers: Iniva Creative Learning (ICL) runs in partnership with A Space, an arts and therapies organisation. Together, we deliver psychotherapy-informed workshops which draw on themes that are relevant to both artists and therapists especially around identity, difference and place of belonging.