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Liminal: A Question of Position

Vertigo Talks 1: Virtual Roshini Kempadoo, Ashwani Sharma and Sara Wajid

02 Apr 2009

Roshini Kempadoo, Ashwani Sharma and Sara Wajid in conversation

This is the first of three talks in the Vertigo series that consider how images relate to place and what they can do – politically, culturally and as a form of opposition.

‘Virtual’ will discuss the creation of memory through multimedia. Using the work of Liminal artist Roshini Kempadoo as a starting point for discussion, our panel will explore the use of the image and multimedia in relation to the making of (alter)history. Key themes include: archives, colonialism, spoken word, visual culture, race, black diaspora, altermodernism, cultural buildings.

Roshini Kempadoo is a media artist, photographer and lecturer

Ashwani Sharma is principal lecturer in media and cultural studies at University of East London

Sara Wajid is a freelance feature writer and editor of UntoldLondon

The second Vertigo talk ‘Local’ takes place on 23 April as part of the Liminal: A Question of Position programme at Rivington Place. ‘Global’ the final talk in the series will take place at London Metropolitan University this summer, please check the University website for further details.

The Vertigo Talks are organised by Vertigo Magazine in collaboration with Iniva