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Untitled Talks Rochelle White

14 Sep 2017

Loaded with contemporary and traditional references, explore the complexities of the British Caribbean experience in Rochelle White's photography

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    Stuart Hall Library

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    Stephanie Moran

    Library and Information Manager


In this two-part event, join artist Rochelle White in conversation with writer Abondance Matanda, discussing her practice and influences as a young Black British contemporary artist, as well as prominent themes in her work.

They will examine the nuances of being a contemporary British artist in 2017, from heritage and race, to sexuality and gender, to age and generation, by discussing themes in Rochelle’s work whilst referencing two key texts: her dissertation about the (mis)representation of people of colour in visual culture, and Abondance’s essay The First Galleries I Knew Were Black Homes. 

This will be followed with a conversation inviting founders of the exhibition and club night BBZ, Tia Simon-Campbell and Nadine Davis, to highlight the significance of White’s work in the context of the UK’s current ‘cultural renaissance’, as coined by Jacob V Joyce. Join this quartet of cultural practitioners as they speak on their collaborations, as well as issues of visibility and agency of young black artists that are shifting in the context of digital platforms.

This event continues the Precarious Decades series that examines strategies of hope and subversion through collaboration and allegiance. Given the precarious political moment we find ourselves in now, the series reflects on the new terms of reference for curatorial and artistic practice framed by the experience of the diaspora?


Rochelle White is London-based artist who works primarily within photographic mediums. Her work weaves through the complexities of identity, exploring conversations of personal and cultural politics resulting in a union of contemporary and traditional references often loaded with symbolism rooted in and informed by her lived experience. White studies of the nuances of today’s West Indian experience in Britain, whilst questioning ideas of spirituality and consumption. After graduating from Camberwell College of The Arts in 2016, White continues to work on personal projects along with collaborations with fellow artists.

Abondance Matanda is an arts and culture writer and poet. Being based in London proper informs her subject matters and subversive, colloquial voice. Language, girlhood, class and blackness are the themes she notices and dissects moretime, as well as other ideas about identity. Her influences range from Ms Dynamite to Toni Cade Bambara to Congolese music videos from the 90s.

BBZ is a creative duo that consists of filmmaker Nadine Davis and photographer Tia Simon-Campbell, who draw on the creative output of south London. They run a club night self-described as “a monthly exhibition/turn up for the fam, exploring the worlds of queer, non binary women of colour”, which brings together artists of colour who identify as female to exhibit and sell their work. From recreating a Caribbean living room at gal-dem’s V&A takeover, to setting up a queer Valentine’s pottery class, to teaming up with Peckham-based radio station Balamii and south London’s most-loved chicken shop branch Morley’s for a party, BBZ’s creative collaborations are as diverse as their audiences.

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