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Transformation of Silence: Group Read-In

13 Dec 2023

Join us for a Group Read-In session to explore the works of artists, writers, and other cultural producers.

  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Date

    Wednesday 13 December 2023

  • Time

    3 - 7pm

  • Free but booking required!

Transformation of Silence into Words & Action is the title of an essay by poet, feminist, activist & educator Audre Lorde. Join us as we come together under this banner for a Group Read-In session at the Stuart Hall Library.

Our library and archive team have put together an extensive selection of books, including a number of new purchases, which build understanding about the situation in Palestine and Israel through the works of artists, writers and other cultural producers.

During this free session, we invite participants to read, share and discuss with the group ideas and thoughts arising from the books selected.