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The Money Makers Project

The Money Makers The Inivators

13 Mar-14 Mar 2008

Collect and exchange the vator currency in a new three-day State at Iniva

  • Venue

    Rivington Place

  • Time


  • Admission


  • Artists

    The Inivators

Since the opening of the States of Exchange exhibition the INIvators (Iniva’s Youth Advisory Board) and artist Harun Morrison have been making a new currency and establishing a sovereignty at Iniva.

By creating our own currency, thinking about its design, value and distribution we aim to explore the nature of money itself.

Our special currency will have value for three days in a specific territory at Iniva in Rivington Place. In its short life time, there will be different economic climates: inflation, stockmarket crashes, fake money scandals and rogue traders on the loose…

In the lead up to the event the currency will appear in different areas around the locality. Gather as much as you can to explore our new State to the full – it will have its own history, media, architecture and cocktails.

This project has been developed by Harun Morrison (of They are here) with the INIvators (Iniva’s Youth Advisory Board).