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Stuart Hall Library Research Network Meeting Dan Munn and Laura Preston

20 Feb 2014

Dan Munn presents 'Where in time is Europe's last wilderness?' alongside Laura Preston

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    Stuart Hall Library

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The Stuart Hall Library Research Network is a forum for postgraduate researchers to introduce an aspect of their work, followed by a discussion.

February’s Event: guest speakers Dan Munn and Laura Preston 

For this month’s meeting artist, curator and writer Dan Munn presents Where in time is Europe’s last wilderness? alongside Laura Preston, curator-at-large for Victoria University, Wellington. The talk will look at nature in relation to cultural climates. Laura Preston

Next Spring

A reading from “Next Spring,” a story that departs from living in a government housing project in the North East of Japan in early 2012, post-tsunami and nuclear disaster. Tracing recent time-based-film and photographic-works made by artists in Japan and connected to the energy politics of this island state, the text considers the possibilities of imaging an invisible threat.

Laura Preston is currently on residency at the Cité internationale des arts, Paris. Her practice as an art critic questions understandings of time and the production of space. As a curator she endeavours to present different models for publishing. She has worked at May contemporary art journal, Paris, 2013; Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, 2012; Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University of Wellington, 2008-2012; Witte de With, Rotterdam, 2007; and Artspace, Auckland, 2006. She continues to work for the Adam Art Gallery as Curator-at-Large.

Where in time is Europe’s last wilderness?

Just over a year ago I took a trip to the town of the indigenous capital of Karasjok in Norway’s Far North. I was curious as to how climate defines natural and cultural geography, specifically in regard to producing difference for the tourist market. Through recollections from this trip and a screening of Postcard Choreographies, 2013, which I produced on my return, I ask a series of questions including:

How has distance been replaced as the main signifier of remoteness?
Why did my bottle of Corona cost so much?
What kind of time do Far North cultural activities produce and what is it about traditional technologies that affects our experience of time?
Ski vs. phone: what does it mean to get nowhere?

Dan Munn is an artist and writer based in London. He recently completed an MA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College and has contributed to Art New Zealand, thisistomorrow, C Magazine, and Eyecontact, with work forthcoming in Magasine Issue 3 and The Pantograph Punch.

The Stuart Hall Library Research Network is a meeting place for discussion of practice-based or more conventional forms of research that may include: curatorial practice; visual arts; global art; film and media; cultural studies; cultural activism; postcolonial studies; literary studies, including criticism and theory. We are also looking for exciting and engaging ways of uncovering research, presenting in a variety of forms. This might include individual presentations, presentations in pairs, in conversation/dialogue with each other, or presenting a group project.

If you are interested in introducing your research to an informal, engaged audience, please email a 250 word summary of your intended presentation to Sonia Hope, Library Manager at library@iniva.org

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