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Stuart Hall Library Research Network Meeting Burak Delier and Roshini Kempadoo

20 Mar 2014

Exhibiting artist Burak Delier in conversation with artist and researcher Roshini Kempadoo, followed by a discussion.

The Stuart Hall Library Research Network is a forum for postgraduate researchers to introduce an aspect of their work, followed by a discussion.

March’s Event: Iniva’s exhibiting artist Burak Delier discusses his work

Burak Delier in conversation with Roshini Kempadoo (The First Stuart Hall Library Animateur), followed by a discussion. Burak Delier’s exhibition ‘Freedom has no script’ shows at Iniva 26 Mar – 17 May 2014. The artist explores the relationship between capitalism and art, mixing seriousness and wit to critique society in a way that is relevant to his native Turkey and beyond.

The Stuart Hall Library Research Network is a meeting place for discussion of practice-based or more conventional forms of research that may include: curatorial practice; visual arts; global art; film and media; cultural studies; cultural activism; postcolonial studies; literary studies, including criticism and theory. We are also looking for exciting and engaging ways of uncovering research, presenting in a variety of forms. This might include individual presentations, presentations in pairs, in conversation/dialogue with each other, or presenting a group project.

If you are interested in introducing your research to an informal, engaged audience, please email a 250 word summary of your intended presentation to Sonia Hope, Library Manager at library@iniva.org