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Materials Speak Dharma Taylor

Workshop Storytelling Through Objects Lauren-Loïs Duah

15 Apr-23 Apr 2024

Schools Workshops exploring the possibilities of building narratives through objects, as part of Materials Speak Public Programme

Reflecting on the exhibition themes, the session with students from Millbank Academy will support young people to learn about the possibilities of building narratives and reflect on personal memories and histories embedded in objects, while exercising critical thinking through reflecting on the complexities of the object in itself – exploring production chain, material sources and afterlife.

Led by artist Lauren-Loïs Duah, the students will be invited to explore objects that have significance for them and develop research skills in the library according to information extracted from the object. Students will also experiment with embroidery and weaving, and do a presentation of what they created for the final session.

About the artist

Lauren-Loïs Duah is a cross-disciplinary artist, writer and spatial-designer whose work focuses on the ways in which creativity, craft, and design can be used as dynamic liberatory tools for social justice and to build positive community practices. Since graduating with a Masters in Architecture from the Royal College of Art in 2022, Lauren-Loïs is currently expanding her creative approach to practice as part of RESOLVE Collective.

Notably, Lauren-Loïs’ research work, ‘Obroni Wa’awu: Cross-Continental Clothescapes’ was selected for the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale.  She has also debuted her drawings in a solo art exhibition at Spiral Galleries (2022), shared her poetry at the Tate Britain for Lynette Yiadom Boakye’s ‘Fly in League with the Night’, and labels her on-going creative explorations as ‘Works in Progress’ or ‘WIP’.

Photo by Hydar Dewachi