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Social Archive One: An Economic Forecast (Shoreditch) Shiraz Bayjoo

Social Archive One: Screening Party

21 Jul 2011

Join us to watch the films made in the Social Archive One filmmaking project during Rivington Place's Late Thursday opening

Join artist Shiraz Bajoo and all the Social Archive One partcipants for an evening of sharing filmmaking experiences, watching the films made by all the participants as well as those featured in the films.

Social Archive One: An Economic Forecast (Shoreditch) project participants took on the role of socio-economic historians, making short films documenting the stories of the people working and living in Shoreditch. They captured their impressions, stories and reflections on their economic futures, creating an archive of predictions, hopes, aspirations and potential disappointments.

Exhibition continues 19 – 23 July 2011.

No booking required