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Salvage: Repair: Repeat – A research presentation with Kaitlene Koranteng

24 Jul 2024
  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Date

    Wednesday 24th July 2024

  • Time


  • Free but booking required

Join Archivist and Engagement Producer Kaitlene Koranteng she as presents reflections developed during a research trip to Ghana funded by the Art Fund’s Jonathan Ruffer Curatorial grant. 

While in Ghana she visited and spoke to organisations who capture nontraditional forms of memory such as drumming, dancing, traditional rites and the ordinary object. The name of the research refers to the processes often enacted in working in material culture and memory. The colons separating the three words are symbolic of transition through said processes. 

In her exploration of cultural organisations in Accra and Tamale she delved into several themes of Black Archival Practice, including stewardship as care, celebration of life as archival practice and embodied/living archives. In her presentation she aims to highlight, showcasing methods that honor and celebrate life and culture in ways traditional archives often overlook and how they would apply to her own work as an archivist. 


Kaitlene is responsible for overseeing the collecting, cataloguing, and digitising of iniva’s archive collections, and engagement with those collections by the public. She assists with running the archive volunteering programme. 

Kaitlene is also the Project Archivist for Hauser & Wirth Institute Project ‘Representation and Accessibility in Artist Files’ and advises on the Transforming the Collections Project with UAL Decolonising the Arts Institute as former Project Archivist