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Research Network: Global Re-Visions

Reading Group On Non-Aligned Narratives

22 Apr 2020

Join us as we revisit transnational routes of solidarity and the history of the Non-Aligned Movement

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    Wednesday 22 April 2020

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    Free, booking required

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“The question is, then: What has happened with the movement’s original principles of peaceful co-existence, respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, non-aggression, non-interference in domestic affairs, equality and mutual benefit?” Bojana Piškur
“I was taught another cartography, the cartography of struggles, of time and space that were not those of the North/South axis, of European imperialisms, but of South/South Exchanges, of the encounters of the “wretched of the earth” fighting for more justice.” Françoise Vergès

In light of our current global crisis we come back to thinking through the terms ‘globalisation’ and ‘new internationalism’, revisiting transnational routes of solidarity through Françoise Vergès’ “Martinska/Martinique. Aimé Césaire’s Return to my Native Land“.

Together we take a look at the history of the Non-Aligned Movement through excerpts from Bojana Piškur’s “Southern Constellations: Other Histories, Other Modernities”.

This study session is open to all; it is a supportive and peer-led space for thinking and learning together. It is a space for constructive disagreements and critical engagement that is always based on mutual respect, interest and care. If you have any access requirements please email us in advance at info@iniva.org and we will do our best to accommodate them.

All texts are read together in the group, you don’t need to read them in advance. However, if you would prefer to read a copy in advance, please follow the links above.

On Non-Aligned Narratives
Image: The 1961 Non-Aligned Conference in Belgrade, the first official summit of the Non-Aligned Movement.