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Changing States

Question Time

23 Jan 2002

The inaugural debate for Changing States 'Question Time: Contemporary Art and Culture in the 21st Century' took place at Conway Hall, London, on 23 January 2002.

Susan Hiller chaired the discussion with Adrian Searle, Gilane Tawadros, Matthew Collings and David A. Bailey on the panel.

Topical questions sent in by email and taken from the floor covered a range of topics including:

Is there such a thing as national culture? How has the public perception of art changed in the last 10 years?And how have the conditions of making art changed over that period?

Susan Hiller summed up the lively debate by saying,

‘It seems to me that this evening has shown us again that the membrane that separates art and life is so easily dissolved. The fact that we have art tells us about ourselves even if we don’t like some of the things it tells us’.